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Karen Pena wrote at March 18, 2015:
Awesome crab cakes!!
Jeremy wrote at March 7, 2015:
I am always amazed at the customer service and the quality of product Springfield Butcher's provides. My wife and I continue go back for their Quarter Pack every couple of months. We also love their country style sausage and their brats.
Ellen Blackwell from Columbia, MD wrote at March 20, 2013:
Mike - congratulations on the article in the Washington Post today. I worked with Aimee many years ago at Infodata Systems (in fact, we were pregnant at the same time) and remember you as a person and family with real integrity and heart. Your assistance in providing needy people with the services they need to obtain food to eat is generous and heartwarming. You are a stellar example of what can be done when communities work together to give a meaningful lift to people who need assistance. Please tell Aimee I say hello.
Marielle wrote at January 9, 2012:
I love your meats, but I'd like to know more about the origins of it all - where do you source your beef, your pork, venison, et cetera? Thanks!
Tye & Rita from Springfield wrote at December 3, 2011:
Thanks for all your help today! Looking forward to the deer and the sausage we just picked up. We'll be dropping by lots more in the future, I'm sure. Best, - Tye & Rita
JB from Springfield wrote at November 14, 2011:
You guys rock!! I've been a customer for over 15 years and I love the fact that you are still here doing things the same way that you were the first day I discovered you. I've recently read a few reviews online and am appalled by some of the comments made by a handful of Disgruntled Groupon users. Shame on them! They obviously have no appreciation for the hard work and care that goes into the products and services you offer. They are seemingly there for the freebee's and not to support the business in any real way. They should be grateful for the deal instead of getting angry and vengeful about having to follow the rules put in place for the protection of the business. Do they not understand that you are an honest hardworking merchant and not a soup kitchen?? I got mine and had no trouble using them in the 2 months before they expired. No hassles.. but then I didn't hassle them about my total or taking a bite off my steak so I could get as much free as possible without having to pay actual money as I saw a quite a few people do. I find that sort of behavior offensive and ignorant! I hope those sorts don't keep you from continuing to offer deals like this in the future. I have received excellent customer service every time with or without a groupon. The best part is I get to eat like a king while saving a little money once in a while! I can't ask for much more than that. Thanks to all the crew for all your hard work and I'll be in for my fresh turkey next week!
Bill Hundley from work in Springfield wrote at November 8, 2011:
Do you sell goat meat?
Chris from Dumfries, VA wrote at November 6, 2011:
Congratulations on surviving your foray into the world of GROUPON. Although already a fan of your shop, I welcomed the groupon offer and visited five times to utilize the coupons. Each visit found a long line of customers, yet you and your staff were kind, helpful and very patient with each and every customer...especially those who insisted you remove a quarter lb. of chop meat so that they did not spend more than the $28 of the coupon. Kudos on GREAT products, the variety was awesome, you held nothing back, from duck to bison to steak and lamb as well as seafood. It is a pleasure to support a local shop...count me in as a long time customer!
Linda from Springfield, VA wrote at October 26, 2011:
We find the customer service to be rude and rough whenever you ask a question. We tried another attendant and she was also rude. It was our first time at a butcher's that wasn't hooked up with a grocery store and we will not be returning. We have also told our neighbors and friends that the customer service was very rude. The place was also almost empty customer wise so we couldn't figure out why everyone was so rude.
Theresa C from Chantilly, VA wrote at September 9, 2011:
I love your shop and everyone in the shop is nice. I've even got my family members coming to the shop! I would love to see another shop in Loudoun County. :)
Suzanne from The Business Backer wrote at August 2, 2011:
Spoke with you Tuesday and wanted to tell you, it was the most pleasant call I have had in a while! If you ever do make it to Cincy, please look us up and stop in for a face-to-face. Suzanne
Meaty from Meatball City wrote at July 18, 2011:
I love meat, it's a personal choice. My favorite pass-time is eating smokey meat off a stick.
Claudia from Loran wrote at July 8, 2011:
Have you considered having bison/buffalo in you store. We can purchase it from a VA farm called Cibola Farms at a few of the Fairfax cry farmers markets during the summer but do not have a year around supply unless we drive to Culpepper, VA
Ramon Wye from Washington,DC wrote at June 6, 2011:
thank you for the email i am going to come down and come down and purchase some stuff i cook out a lot i want to know what is the best steak for the grill thank you thank you
Roy Meno from Guam wrote at June 1, 2011:
Fred Saalfeld from Springfield, VA wrote at June 1, 2011:
John from Aldie, VA wrote at June 1, 2011:
I am so happy to have come across your site. I didn't know you still existed. I remember going to your butcher shop when I was a kid. There was a Pop Shop next to it if I remember correctly. I am going to have to make the trip to Springfield and buy some steaks. John C.
George Hosler from Alexandria, VA wrote at May 2, 2011:
HOODSTAR187 from SOUTH EAST D.C. wrote at April 25, 2011:
Mayne homie yalls meat is the bestest. Like on the real joints is absolute fresh especially the cow tounges they are off the greezy. And man I love dem crabs cakes they great for fishing. Meat is off lebrons hook shot
jim briese from mount prospect, il wrote at December 21, 2010:
Glad I found out about your shop. Could not find any in Alexandria.